Are there any free house design programs on the Internet? It used to be that you had to go pay an architect to draw up your dream house plans but now that the Internet exists are things different? If you go to Google and search for "design your own house online" or "house design software" you will find a handful of sites that are promoting programs that you have to pay for.

Some of these programs are not that expensive (I saw one that cost between $30 and $40 for a year subscription) but are there any for free? I could not find any which leads to the question of whether there really are any. It seems like you can get most things for free on the Internet if you just put in the extra time and search hard for it.

Is house design software different? Even if you use a 3D house design program to map out your initial house plans, you are eventually going to have to go to a professional to get things checked out for doability. It is nice however, to be able to play around with your house design ideas on a 3D program and not have to do it on paper. With 3D house design software, everything is so much easier and you can get a much better feel for what you are really trying to build. If you are going to design your own house plans, it is much easier to take advantage of the Internet and do it online.