Now that computers are everywhere you can get some powerful 3D house design software to help you design your own house. Never before has so much technology been available to the common person.

For the first time Punch! Home Design Studio™ Pro, for the Mac, makes your home design experience more powerful than ever! With this new software you can design your house inside and out. It includes a massive plant library along with our popular automatic growth tool, so you can plan spacing and see what your landscape will look like a few years down the road. Draw your design in 2D; take a 3D Hollywood-style walk through as your 2D creative changes auto-update in the 3D view.

For those that have a regular PC there is Punch! Professional Home Design. This is a software package that lets you design all of the critical components for your home. This powerful home design capability includes foundations, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, custom windows, custom roofs, and much, much more. You can turn layered drawings on and off for uncluttered viewing of your home design. You can combine as few or as many layers as you wish and spot potential costly design conflicts. Ordinary blueprints could never give you that level of insight into your home designs! This is the best 3D house design software available!